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Together with the agency, we built a beautiful website for a gardening company from Germany. Our team was responsible for the website design and implementation. As always, the goal was to create a quick website with well-selected SEO phrases.





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Our team was tasked with creating a simple and functional website for a local garden company. The main target group were people over 35 years old who have gardens. Page speed was a priority here.

Planning & research

Before starting the design work, we collected all the necessary materials from the client, e.g. photos, texts, requirements, customer descriptions. We researched websites with similar topics and wondered which elements and animations would best make the company’s image more attractive. We analyzed what we can do better to stand out from the competition.

Design & development

After completing the planning and research phase, our team moved to the design stage. In the website design, we tried to refer to plants, which is why the buttons have the shape of leaves and a lot of green color in the headings and backgrounds of the sections. We implemented our own custom theme using the Barba.js library. The WordPress backend was created using Advance Custom Fields.

Content creation

Our team was also involved in creating content and information architecture for the website. We received most of the texts and photos from the client, but many of them had to be corrected or shortened for better SEO purposes.

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